1916 - 1930


  • 10 visionaries from Antioquia founded Fábrica Nacional de Galletas y Confites, today Galletas Noel S.A. It began operations with 17 employees in Medellin – Colombia.


  • Fernando Escobar Chavarriaga, first manager (1917-1925)
  • Papagayo candies first came out.
  • First crackers: Suizas, Marías, Soda Vainilla and Lu-lu.
  • First products specially packaged for Christmas.


  • Points of sale opening in Medellin, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali and Manizales.


  • Fire in Ayacucho production plant.


  • Change of name to Fábrica de Galletas y Confites.
  • Public contest to give a new name to the company: NOEL. Winner: Marcelina Ospina de Restrepo. Prize: $50 Colombian Pesos and some crackers pounds.


  • Leonidas Moreno Ramírez, Manager (1925 – 1934)
  • NOEL brand registry.


  • Chocolates and pasta production (noodles, star pasta, etc).

1931 - 1940


  • Launch of Sultana Noel brand, on the occasion of Christmas.
  • Saltines Noel, the yellow star crackers, were born, today known as Saltín Noel.


  • We merged with Dux brand.
  • Compañía Nacional de Chocolates became a shareholder of Noel.
  • We took the name of Fábrica de Galletas y Confites Noel.


  • Jesús Ramírez Johns. Third manager. (1934 – 1961).

1941 - 1950


  • Frunas Noel registry.


  • Headquarters were moved to Colon district.


  • Second fire at Colon production plant.

1951 - 1960


  • Agreement with Topps Chewing Gum Inc. for the production of Chicles Noel.


  • Guayabal plant construction began, company’s current headquarters.
  • Brass line began operations.


  • Agreement with Life Savers Inc. in order to start with candy production.
  • Our Galletas Festival cookies brand was born.


  • Settlement with Kellog’s Company to exclusively represent the brand in Colombia.


  • We became Zenú products owners.
  • NOEL is recognized as one of the 15 most important brands in Colombia.
  • We started sealing tin cans with adhesive tape to ensure the freshness of the cookies.

1961 - 1970


  • Juan Gonzalo Restrepo. Fourth manager. (1961-1969).


  • Noel became Productos Zenú owner. Meat-based products production began. Subsequently they became two different and independent lines of business.


  • Industrial facilities were moved to the new headquarters in Guayabal, Medellin.


  • Business name was changed to Industrias Alimenticias Noel S.A.
  • A fire brigade was put together – Today Brigada de Seguridad Noel.


  • First export to Santa Lucia.
  • Noel participated in the following categories: biscuits, preserved meat, confectionery, pasta, soups, gelatin, ice creams, flans, chewing gums, cornstarch, jams and fruit and vegetables preserves.


  • Systematization of data plan began.


  • Carlos Arturo Córdoba Congote. Fifth manager and first CEO (1970-1991)
  • NOEL purchased Suizo and Cunit, Poultry Meats Companies.

1971 - 1980


  • Exports to Puerto Rico.
  • Wafers Noel line was born.


  • $570.000 US Dollars generated from export sales.


  • Noel developed new packaging. From tin plate material to flexible materials to make products more accessible for the public.
  • The first million of biscuits packages were sold.
  • Production and commercialization of Carve and Zumm.


  • We opened up to international markets: Brazil and The United States.


  • Molino Santa Marta S.A.S. was added as a wheat flour provider for our Biscuits Business.

1981 - 1990


  • The secret touch crackers were borns: Ducales.
  • We arrived in Venezuela.


  • We arrived in Haiti and Dominican Republic.


  • We arrived in Gabon, Africa.
  • First export to Goya Foods (EE. UU.)
  • Noel is with the Medalla al Mérito Exportador (Medal Merit for Exporting), in the bronze medal category.


  • The name of Galletas Saltines was changed to Saltín Noel.


  • First Christmas decorations, today known as NOEL Christmas show.
  • Noel is awarded Pino de Oro – Golden Pine – by the Tourism Bureau in Medellin for the best corporate facade.


  • Packaging revolution: Taco Noel package.
  • We arrived in Aruba and Curazao.

1991 - 2000


  • Rafael Mario Villa. Second CEO (1991-1997)
  • NOEL is awarded Orden de la Democracia – Democracy Order recognition- by the Colombian Congress for its 75-year-service.


  • Individual packaging production.
  • Minichips cookies were born.


  • NOEL acquired Empresa Dulces de Colombia.
  • Agreement with Heinz to commercialize their sauces, vinegars and compotes.
  • Association with Chupa Chups Spain.
  • First international festival: ISM COLINA (Germany)
  • First Walmart orders.


  • Litoempaques was born, a tin-plate based lithography company. Manufacture and commercialization of decorative packages and specialized maquila.
  • BIMBO became a strategic ally.
  • Corporación Distribuidora de Alimentos S.A. – Cordialsa Venezuela Company was born.


  • Cordialsa Ecuador was born.
  • Noel in Portafolio Awards. We received recognition for our exports effort for the second time in the category “Esfuerzo Explorador”.


  • Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno. Third CEO ( 1997- 2008).


  • Molinos Santa Marta purchase, Buga – Colombia.
  • Noel went ahead health food trends by creating TOSH, a healthy food brand.


  • Our company name changed to Compañía de Galletas NOEL, focused on cracker production within Industrias Alimenticias NOEL which one year later would be known as Invers Alimenticias.
  • DANONE became a strategic ally for NOEL with 30% of its shares.
  • We implemented TPM systema (Total Management Production).


  • Novaventa was born, as part of Inver Alimenticias.
  • Tritaco package innovation. It increased consumption of crackers, cookies and biscuits in our public.

2001 - 2010


  • Antojos cookies was born.
  • Exports to Canada started.


  • Cordialsa Distributor Companies were founded in The United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
  • NOEL purchased DANONE shares back.
  • Acquisition of Nestlé biscuit plant in Costa Rica, thus giving rise to Compañía de Galletas NOEL Costa Rica. It was later on integrated with Pozuelo, a Biscuit Business company.


  • Inversiones Nacional de Chocolates S.A. and InverAlimenticias S.A. merged together and the following lines of business were grouped: candies, meat business, biscuits, chocolates, pasta and coffee. It was then called Grupo Nacional de Chocolates today known as GRUPO NUTRESA.
  • First export to Japan.


  • Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo Costa Rica Acquisition, a leader in Central America.
  • Taco Día, a format with less payout so Colombian families could have more access and enjoy our crackers and cookies at a bigger scale.


  • Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo Costa Rica Acquisition, a leader in Central America.
  • Taco Día, a format with less payout so Colombian families could have more access and enjoy our crackers and cookies at a bigger scale.


  • Alberto Hoyos Lopera, current CEO.


  • Opening of the new distribution center with greater capacity and technology.


  • NOEL national sales force became a part of Cordialsa Colombia – today Comercial Nutresa. Today, they are Grupo Nutresa commercialization network for dry fruits.
  • International acquisitions: Fehr Holding in The United States, today Abimar Foods, with production plants in Texas and Oklahoma.

2011 - 2020


  • Grupo Nacional de Chocolates changed its name to GRUPO NUTRESA and NOEL takes part in the Biscuits business.
  • Ducales is awarded the Superior Taste Award given by the International Taste and Quality Institute, ITQI.


  • Our philosophy of a balanced lifestyle: “Live With Purpose” took first place award given by Fundación Colombiana del Corazón in recognition of our responsible efforts and work.


  • Healthy Organization certificate by Fundación Colombiana del Corazón.


  • We are Empresa Familiarmente Responsable certified by Fundación Más Familia.
  • Second place at BIBO 2014 in the Environmental Compensation Category with our clean transportation project.
  • Incursion into the snacks market with a healthy innovation in TOSH brand.


  • First cracker production line in the Biscuit Business in the United States


  • Noel makes 100 years creating moments to share. An innovative, solid and sustainable company.
  • As our 100th anniversary we received important recognitions:
  • Orden al Mérito Empresarial -ANDI
  • 100 years of innovation and business growth recognition – Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – UPB.
  • Parque E recognition.


  • Our first baked snacks came out made with our adapting technology.
  • Some of our brands are regrouped under NOEL brand. Some of them: Sultanas, Tipo Leche, Antojos, Wafers and Navidad.
  • Re-certification Empresa Familiarmente Responsable – Family-Responsible Company – in B+ Category, by Fundación Más Familia, Spain.
  • Recreo cookies were included into the Festival portfolio and were called Festival Recreo.


  • Wafer TOSH Kiwi and coconut with no added sugar are launched.
  • TOSH was certified as a Carbono Neutro company by ICONTEC, in all 32 countries the brand is present. It became the first large scale and mass food brand to receive this certificate.
  • NOEL is recognized as pioneer and founder of commercial security in Antioquia by BASC.
  • Join Venture and Naturella, the Business acquires majority shareholding into this entrepreneurship which explores ingredients such as Spirulina and transforms food production.
  • Mundo Noel celebrates their 10 years as a pedagogical space that has taken the heart of consumers of the future.
  • The Christmas Show presents an innovative and revolutionary experience in its 30 years celebration.


  • The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Corporation for Sustainable Forest Management certified TOSH for its environmental footprint.
  • NOEL is recognized as the second best workplace 2019 in Colombia by COMPUTRABAJO. Second place in the category of food companies.
  • A new handmade line is launched by TOSH with natural ingredients, such as rice flour.
  • Rosquitas TOSH was launched.
  • TOSH Fest, first neutral carbon festival in Colombia dedicated to life in harmony and connection with the inner self.
  • The direct service model is consolidated in the traditional canal in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.
  • Launch of the Kibo brand in the US and Colombia and other launches of our brands such as: Saltín NOEL Dutch Cheese, Ducales Caramel, Ducales Lemon Mousse, Dux Sweet Butter, Wafer yogurt and cherry, coconut and stuffed, TOSH brand line 50% less sugar, Festival Chock and Chips.
  • Angola sales reactivation.


  • Launches of Ducales Strawberries with cream, Saltín NOEL Sweet Tradition, TOSH Line of Oats and Cream Cookies NOEL
  • The second version of TOSH FEST Digital is made virtually.
  • NOEL is recognized in the CompuTrabajo Best Work Places 2020 awards as one of the best companies to work for in Colombia in the food sector.
  • Our brands Saltín Noel, Ducales and Festival are ratified in the hearts of our consumers: Top of Mind Dinero magazine and Ranking Brand Footprint of Kantar.
  • Our Company was recognized in the Top 30 of the companies with the best Goodwill in Colombia in the 2WAY Goodwill Awards.



  • We celebrate 105 years of history creating with Passion special moments and delicious products, which fill the homes of Colombia and the world with magic and flavor, offering them Nutrition, Wellbeing and Pleasure.
  • NOEL is recognized as the second best company in the food sector to work for in Colombia in the CompuTrabajo Best Work Places 2021 awards.
  • Noel Wafers Coconut and Arequipe, Noel Tropical Lemon and Orange, Noel cookie mix, Tosh Cocoa Line, Tosh Oven-baked Pitas, Tosh´s beverages, Ducales Mini, Dux chocolate filled and Festival Passionmango are launched.
  • We developed the 2021 edition of Tosh Fest through social media with 19 wellness experts who guided participants through an experience to connect with themselves.
  • As part of Grupo Nutresa, we joined the Carbon Neutrality Alliance in Colombia.