1916 - 1930


  • 10 visionaries from Antioquia founded Fábrica Nacional de Galletas y Confites, today Galletas Noel S.A. It began operations with 17 employees in Medellin – Colombia.


  • Fernando Escobar Chavarriaga, first manager (1917-1925)
  • Papagayo candies first came out.
  • First crackers: Suizas, Marías, Soda Vainilla and Lu-lu.
  • First products specially packaged for Christmas.


  • Points of sale opening in Medellin, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali and Manizales.


  • Fire in Ayacucho production plant.


  • Change of name to Fábrica de Galletas y Confites.
  • Public contest to give a new name to the company: NOEL. Winner: Marcelina Ospina de Restrepo. Prize: $50 Colombian Pesos and some crackers pounds.


  • Leonidas Moreno Ramírez, Manager (1925 – 1934)
  • NOEL brand registry.


  • Chocolates and pasta production (noodles, star pasta, etc).

1931 - 1940


  • Launch of Sultana Noel brand, on the occasion of Christmas.
  • Saltines Noel, the yellow star crackers, were born, today known as Saltín Noel.


  • We merged with Dux brand.
  • Compañía Nacional de Chocolates became a shareholder of Noel.
  • We took the name of Fábrica de Galletas y Confites Noel.


  • Jesús Ramírez Johns. Third manager. (1934 – 1961).

1941 - 1950


  • Frunas Noel registry.


  • Headquarters were moved to Colon district.


  • Second fire at Colon production plant.

1951 - 1960


  • Agreement with Topps Chewing Gum Inc. for the production of Chicles Noel.


  • Guayabal plant construction began, company’s current headquarters.
  • Brass line began operations.


  • Agreement with Life Savers Inc. in order to start with candy production.
  • Our Galletas Festival cookies brand was born.


  • Settlement with Kellog’s Company to exclusively represent the brand in Colombia.


  • We became Zenú products owners.
  • NOEL is recognized as one of the 15 most important brands in Colombia.
  • We started sealing tin cans with adhesive tape to ensure the freshness of the cookies.

1961 - 1970


  • Juan Gonzalo Restrepo. Fourth manager. (1961-1969).


  • Noel became Productos Zenú owner. Meat-based products production began. Subsequently they became two different and independent lines of business.


  • Industrial facilities were moved to the new headquarters in Guayabal, Medellin.


  • Business name was changed to Industrias Alimenticias Noel S.A.
  • A fire brigade was put together – Today Brigada de Seguridad Noel.


  • First export to Santa Lucia.
  • Noel participated in the following categories: biscuits, preserved meat, confectionery, pasta, soups, gelatin, ice creams, flans, chewing gums, cornstarch, jams and fruit and vegetables preserves.


  • Systematization of data plan began.


  • Carlos Arturo Córdoba Congote. Fifth manager and first CEO (1970-1991)
  • NOEL purchased Suizo and Cunit, Poultry Meats Companies.

1971 - 1980


  • Exports to Puerto Rico.
  • Wafers Noel line was born.


  • $570.000 US Dollars generated from export sales.


  • Noel developed new packaging. From tin plate material to flexible materials to make products more accessible for the public.
  • The first million of biscuits packages were sold.
  • Production and commercialization of Carve and Zumm.


  • We opened up to international markets: Brazil and The United States.


  • Noel Participated in the creation of Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño.


  • Molino Santa Marta S.A.S. was added as a wheat flour provider for our Biscuits Business.

1981 - 1990


  • The secret touch crackers were borns: Ducales.
  • We arrived in Venezuela.


  • We arrived in Haiti and Dominican Republic.


  • We arrived in Gabon, Africa.
  • First export to Goya Foods (EE. UU.)
  • Noel is with the Medalla al Mérito Exportador (Medal Merit for Exporting), in the bronze medal category.


  • The name of Galletas Saltines was changed to Saltín Noel.


  • First Christmas decorations, today known as NOEL Christmas show.
  • Noel is awarded Pino de Oro – Golden Pine – by the Tourism Bureau in Medellin for the best corporate facade.


  • Packaging revolution: Taco Noel package.
  • We arrived in Aruba and Curazao.

1991 - 2000


  • Rafael Mario Villa. Second CEO (1991-1997)
  • NOEL is awarded Orden de la Democracia – Democracy Order recognition- by the Colombian Congress for its 75-year-service.


  • Individual packaging production.
  • Minichips cookies were born.


  • NOEL acquired Empresa Dulces de Colombia.
  • Agreement with Heinz to commercialize their sauces, vinegars and compotes.
  • Association with Chupa Chups Spain.
  • First international festival: ISM COLINA (Germany)
  • First Walmart orders.


  • Litoempaques was born, a tin-plate based lithography company. Manufacture and commercialization of decorative packages and specialized maquila.
  • BIMBO became a strategic ally.
  • Corporación Distribuidora de Alimentos S.A. – Cordialsa Venezuela Company was born.


  • Cordialsa Ecuador was born.
  • Noel in Portafolio Awards. We received recognition for our exports effort for the second time in the category “Esfuerzo Explorador”.


  • Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno. Third CEO ( 1997- 2008).


  • Molinos Santa Marta purchase, Buga – Colombia.
  • Noel went ahead health food trends by creating TOSH, a healthy food brand.


  • Our company name changed to Compañía de Galletas NOEL, focused on cracker production within Industrias Alimenticias NOEL which one year later would be known as Invers Alimenticias.
  • DANONE became a strategic ally for NOEL with 30% of its shares.
  • We implemented TPM systema (Total Management Production).


  • Novaventa was born, as part of Inver Alimenticias.
  • Tritaco package innovation. It increased consumption of crackers, cookies and biscuits in our public.

2001 - 2010


  • Antojos cookies was born.
  • Exports to Canada started.


  • Cordialsa Distributor Companies were founded in The United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
  • NOEL purchased DANONE shares back.
  • Acquisition of Nestlé biscuit plant in Costa Rica, thus giving rise to Compañía de Galletas NOEL Costa Rica. It was later on integrated with Pozuelo, a Biscuit Business company.


  • Inversiones Nacional de Chocolates S.A. and InverAlimenticias S.A. merged together and the following lines of business were grouped: candies, meat business, biscuits, chocolates, pasta and coffee. It was then called Grupo Nacional de Chocolates today known as GRUPO NUTRESA.
  • First export to Japan.


  • Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo Costa Rica Acquisition, a leader in Central America.
  • Taco Día, a format with less payout so Colombian families could have more access and enjoy our crackers and cookies at a bigger scale.


  • Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo Costa Rica Acquisition, a leader in Central America.
  • Taco Día, a format with less payout so Colombian families could have more access and enjoy our crackers and cookies at a bigger scale.


  • Alberto Hoyos Lopera, current CEO.


  • Opening of the new distribution center with greater capacity and technology.


  • NOEL national sales force became a part of Cordialsa Colombia – today Comercial Nutresa. Today, they are Grupo Nutresa commercialization network for dry fruits.
  • International acquisitions: Fehr Holding in The United States, today Abimar Foods, with production plants in Texas and Oklahoma.

2011 - 2020


  • Grupo Nacional de Chocolates changed its name to GRUPO NUTRESA and NOEL takes part in the Biscuits business.
  • Ducales is awarded the Superior Taste Award given by the International Taste and Quality Institute, ITQI.


  • Our philosophy of a balanced lifestyle: “Live With Purpose” took first place award given by Fundación Colombiana del Corazón in recognition of our responsible efforts and work.


  • Healthy Organization certificate by Fundación Colombiana del Corazón.


  • We are Empresa Familiarmente Responsable certified by Fundación Más Familia.
  • Second place at BIBO 2014 in the Environmental Compensation Category with our clean transportation project.
  • Incursion into the snacks market with a healthy innovation in TOSH brand.


  • First cracker production line in the Biscuit Business in the United States


  • Noel makes 100 years creating moments to share. An innovative, solid and sustainable company.
  • As our 100th anniversary we received important recognitions:
  • Orden al Mérito Empresarial -ANDI
  • 100 years of innovation and business growth recognition – Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – UPB.
  • Parque E recognition.


  • Our first baked snacks came out made with our adapting technology.
  • Some of our brands are regrouped under NOEL brand. Some of them: Sultanas, Tipo Leche, Antojos, Wafers and Navidad.
  • Re-certification Empresa Familiarmente Responsable – Family-Responsible Company – in B+ Category, by Fundación Más Familia, Spain.
  • Recreo cookies were included into the Festival portfolio and were called Festival Recreo.


  • Wafer TOSH Kiwi and coconut with no added sugar are launched.
  • TOSH was certified as a Carbono Neutro company by ICONTEC, in all 32 countries the brand is present. It became the first large scale and mass food brand to receive this certificate.
  • NOEL is recognized as pioneer and founder of commercial security in Antioquia by BASC.
  • Join Venture and Naturella, the Business acquires majority shareholding into this entrepreneurship which explores ingredients such as Spirulina and transforms food production.
  • Mundo Noel celebrates their 10 years as a pedagogical space that has taken the heart of consumers of the future.
  • The Christmas Show presents an innovative and revolutionary experience in its 30 years celebration.


  • The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Corporation for Sustainable Forest Management certified TOSH for its environmental footprint.
  • NOEL is recognized as the second best workplace 2019 in Colombia by COMPUTRABAJO. Second place in the category of food companies.
  • A new handmade line is launched by TOSH with natural ingredients, such as rice flour.
  • Rosquitas TOSH was launched.
  • TOSH Fest, first neutral carbon festival in Colombia dedicated to life in harmony and connection with the inner self.
  • The direct service model is consolidated in the traditional canal in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.
  • Launch of the Kibo brand in the US and Colombia and other launches of our brands such as: Saltín NOEL Dutch Cheese, Ducales Caramel, Ducales Lemon Mousse, Dux Sweet Butter, Wafer yogurt and cherry, coconut and stuffed, TOSH brand line 50% less sugar, Festival Chock and Chips.
  • Angola sales reactivation.


  • Launches of Ducales Strawberries with cream, Saltín NOEL Sweet Tradition, TOSH Line of Oats and Cream Cookies NOEL
  • The second version of TOSH FEST Digital is made virtually.
  • NOEL is recognized in the CompuTrabajo Best Work Places 2020 awards as one of the best companies to work for in Colombia in the food sector.
  • Our brands Saltín Noel, Ducales and Festival are ratified in the hearts of our consumers: Top of Mind Dinero magazine and Ranking Brand Footprint of Kantar.
  • Our Company was recognized in the Top 30 of the companies with the best Goodwill in Colombia in the 2WAY Goodwill Awards.