Integral Management Policy

At Compañía de Galletas Noel we’re committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our relationship groups, aligned with our strategic framework and values and following the guidelines defined in our Integrated Management System.

Food quality and service

We offer harmless, quality products that satisfy our consumers’ need for well-being, nutrition and pleasure. We provide a service that ensures our customers’ preference.

Environmental management

We contribute to the sustainability strategy and the reduction of environmental impacts of operations and products through proactive environmental management.
We are focused on prevention of many environmental aspects, the rational use of resources, the application of good environmental practices and the adoption of clean technologies to achieve the eco-efficiency of our processes.

Occupational Health And Safety

We work as a Healthy Organization promoting safety and health at work in our culture. We focus on prevention and control of possible dangers that in this aspect are related to our collaborators and processes.

We are committed to Sustainability, and understand it as an organizational ability to progress, which is based on the identification and integral management of risks, ensuring business continuity.

We act within compliance with regulations, legislation and other requirements applicable to our productive and commercial activity. We maintain communication channels with our stakeholders and promote the continuous improvement of our processes through the Operational Excellence Model, ensuring the competence, participation, and self-management of our collaborators.


Our commitment to the Integrated Management System Policy is demonstrated by the Certificates we have received from National and International Entities. This has allowed us to enter the most demanding markets in the world. The achievement of each of our certifications represents the knowledge, commitment and discipline with which we work to continue offering our consumers the quality they deserve.