One of the most special days to give and share is the celebration of Love and Friendship, an ideal moment to show all your affection to your loved ones.
Because we know how important it is to share this special date with those you love the most, at NOEL we present you different options so you can surprise them:

1. Share the joy of cooking together!

Noel brand launches its new Cookie Mix, an innovative product of the Company that ventures into the category of ready mixes, to continue offering you delicious and differentiated proposals.

We know that another of those perfect activities to enjoy the day of Love and Friendship is to cook something delicious with the ones you love the most, so let your imagination fly with the new Cookies Mix from Noel brand, which includes fun colored sprinkles, and prepare delicious butter cookies baked in your own home, or dare to create some delicate alfajor, ideal to celebrate this special date.

2. NOEL packages, a sweet and delicious experience

Enjoy this special time of the year with the new NOEL packages, 4 beautiful options for you to share a personalized gift with those you love the most:

Love and Friendship Celebration package

This celebration kit is perfect for gift giving. It contains a bottle of sparkling wine, a set of glasses, and our delicious Noel Fine Cookies, in the following presentations:

– Wafer chocolate cubes
– Fine cookies chocolate cream
– Fine cookies Butter
– Thin cookies with white chocolate coating

Get inspired and share a personalized message to show your love to your favorite person.

Love Package

Celebrate the existence of that person you love the most with this Love package, which in addition to our delicious NOEL Thin Cookies, includes a personalized mug with the message “You are the beginning of my happy ending”, perfect for gift giving. Includes:

– Wafer chocolate cubes
– Yogurt cream wafer cookies
– Vanilla flavored thin cookies
– Dark Chocolate Covered Fine Cookies
This is a gift that will certainly brighten the day of that person you love the most.

Cookies Thermos Package

Celebrate friendship with a practical and useful gift. This package includes special thermos to keep drinks cool. You can also personalize it with your favorite message to express to that person, your best wishes. This package includes:

– Wafer chocolate cubes
– Thin white chocolate covered cookies
– Vanilla flavored thin cookies
– Thin cookies filled with chocolate

Best Friend Package

You can show how much friendship means to you with this Best Friend Package, which includes a personalized mug with the message “Life is magical with friends like you”. Perfect as a gift for that good friend who accompanies us through thick and thin.

– Chocolate cubes wafer
– Fine cookies yogurt cream
– Vanilla flavored cookies
– Thin cookies covered with dark chocolate

To purchase these packages go to:

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