Always generating healthy options for its consumers, our Tosh brand presents its most recent innovation: the new Tosh beverages, which come in four delicious flavors that we know you will love: Almond, Coconut and Three Nuts, with no added sugar; and Almond and Oatmeal; with only 9 grams of sugar per serving.

The new Tosh beverages are naturally lactose-free, ideal to enjoy and share with the family, as they are:
*Good source of calcium and vitamin D.
*Cholesterol and trans fat free.
*No artificial colors or flavors

This innovation of Tosh in a new category, responds to a healthy eating trend, for those who prefer this type of alternatives and want to enjoy new and delicious flavors at different times of the day.

Take care of yourself, without remorse!

You can buy the new Tosh Beverages at

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