As a family, there are things that make us unique, like the way we enjoy Saltín Noel, the crackers of good tradition. Saltín Noel has accompanied Colombian homes for years and has brought thousands of smiles to every table.

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Cheese and butter



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Let yourself be surprised by the secret touch of Ducales. Share unforgettable moments full of magic with its delicious varieties.

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Taco presentation

Ducales Provocación

Ducales Tentación

Ducales Mini

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If you’re looking for a fun-filled time, Festival is the perfect cookie for you. You won’t be able to resist its variety of flavors and it will be the perfect excuse to spend a great time with your friends. Festival, the flavor is in the variety.

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Festival Lemon

Festival Chocolate

Festival Vanila

Festival Strawberry

Festival Recreo

Festival Chips

Festival Coconut


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For those who seek to live in harmony and feel good about themselves and their environment. With TOSH, you can feel confident that you’re eating well, because it offers delicious, natural and good-for-you options.

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In Noel we want to share the taste of being together, for that reason we have a great variety of biscuits so you can calm down a craving and enjoy them as you like.

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Noel Wafers Vanilla

Noel Wafers Strawberry

Noel Wafers Chocolate


Noel Wafers Milk

Noel tropical naranja

Noel Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Filled Cookies

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If taste is your thing, you will have an inseparable relationship with Dux, you just need to have all the attitude to enjoy them at any time. Are you up for it?

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Stuffed Dux

Dux Original

Dux Integral

Dux Rellenas de Chocolate

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Enjoy the nutrition that Carve has for you and your whole family. Carve is soy protein isolate, one of the best sources of vegetable protein for your daily nutrition.

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If you’re one of those people who likes to create and share, you can count on Corona Flour, the flour of the fortified wheat experts. Nutrition and quality in every preparation.

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Corona Flour

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