Our Dux brand comes with an innovation that combines the best of its traditional salty flavor and the sweetness of chocolate.

In search of having an increasingly delicious and diverse product portfolio, Dux surprises us with all the best attitude with the Dux Chocolate, a perfect combination of cookies with chocolate, creating a flavor explosion that we know you will love.

Dux is expanding its filled products, which already include Dux Cheddar Cheese and Dux White Cheese, delicious alternatives to appease your hunger at any time and enjoy all the Dux Attitude with 36 grams of pure flavor.

Say yes to try something new. Dare to enjoy this combination and remember that if taste is your thing, you will have an inseparable relationship with Dux, you just need to have all the attitude to enjoy them at any time. Are you up for it?
If you want to know more about Dux, click here https://laactituddux.com/

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