Today we celebrate with joy and gratitude our first 105 years of being part of the hearts of millions of Colombians and people around the world. We are proud to commemorate this anniversary that shows our strength and continuous transformation as a business.

In NOEL we work with passion to deliver wellbeing, nutrition and pleasure to our consumers and company their special moments with our products. From the beginning we have challenged ourselves to achieve everything we set out to do; we are an example of Integral Action, and with our actions we contribute to building a better world.

During those 105 years we have adapted in an agile and flexible way, maintaining an entrepreneurial attitude and global thinking, to continue being an innovative, current, and sustainable company. Thank you for growing with us and for being part of this story that still has many chapters left to tell.

Together we will continue to evolve in an ever-changing environment that challenges us to be better every day. We will continue putting our heart into everything we do so we can celebrate the next 105 years.

# 105YearsofHeart

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